Monetary reward is isolated into three significant rewards specifically:

1.Retail Bonus
2.Turnover Bonus
3.Age Advancement Bonus
1.Retail Bonus:
An enrolled direct merchant can bring in cash as far as a Retail Bonus. A retail Bonus implies an immediate dealer can purchase the stunning items from the organization at a Distributor Price (DP) and sell the items at Maximum Retail Price (M.R.P.) to the clients. The differential measure of MRP and DP is your Retail Bonus.

2.Turnover Bonus:
Turnover Bonus is aggregated deals to you dependent on the items bought and sold by you and your group. An enrolled Direct Sellers is qualified to procure a Turnover Bonus when the immediate vender bought at least 32 cc items on his IRD. In light of the volume of items bought by you and your group, CC will be aggregated in your Distributor Portal. In light of the deals aggregated each week, Turnover Bonus will be paid to you according to the qualification measures. Turnover Bonus will be given on All-CC (Upgradation CC and Repurchase CC). This reward depends on Turnover Tree. Assuming a Direct Seller accomplished the necessary position in each payout then the Direct Seller gets the reward according to add up to self-acquisition of that IRD.

3.Age Advancement Bonus:
The Generation Advancement Bonus is the way to building an enormous association of Direct Sellers. It permits You to increase your income while you influence the cash to develop your group association. With the Generation Advancement Bonus, you can procure a reward on Turnover Bonus paid to Direct Sellers in your own enlistment tree. This comprises of Direct Sellers you by and by supported and Direct Sellers they Personally supported, proceeding down your association.

The Generation Advancement Bonus is determined as you progress in rank, the extent that the quantity of ages you progress you are qualified for Generation Advancement Bonus. You can support ‘N’ number of individuals both evenly and in an upward direction with next to no surprise

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